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Plan for your country

Plan for your country

Plan for your country

Plan for your country is an initiative that started about a year ago, when I started Plan for the Czech Republic.  Back then; I had my public FB profile for about six months.  I was commenting on politics, and people started asking me how to change things.

Since I was a politician in the past and I have worked as a political consultant for several parties, I knew the insides of political parties. 

Therefore, I knew that starting a new party was not the solution.  See, political party is a filter that only lets certain people through.  The party does not select the best possible person to run the country.  The party selects people who get the biggest support during the secret vote.  And that support is never based on the person’s ability to run the country.  It’s always based on some secret agreements. 

So I had to find a way to change things without starting a political party and without having to change the constitution, because that is really hard.

Since I’ve worked in the IT industry for many years, I was aware of the Open Source way of writing software.  I thought to myself, if Linux could be built this way and is now flying to space, then why can’t we publicly write a reform?


The first pillar - Transparent reform 

And thus came the first pillar of the Plan.  Publicly write a reform.  Just like Linux.  Just like Wikipedia.  What would be the program I asked myself?  I divided it into three parts and called them Future, Past and Present.



The future is in our children and it is completely strange that we live in a paradigm where people say, “Get a good education and then you will have a good job.”  This is absolutely not true.  In today’s society, where everything is changing monthly, we have to learn and study all the time to keep up.  There is a big chance that even the industry you are in right now will not exist 5 years from now.

Therefore the main goal of our educational system should be to teach people/students how to learn/study themselves.



Past are our ancestors.  And in the Czech Republic it is the pensioners. As the population is getting older it is getting harder to pay the pensions from the system, because there just aren’t enough young people to supply the money through taxes into the system to pay the pensions.

This has to change through a reform.  And not only that, we need to provide for elderly people who cannot work any more and who are currently rotting in strange places all over our country.



It really makes me mad that if I obey the laws and work, I am worse off than someone who breaks the laws and does not work.

This has to change.  The main role of the government is to secure a playing field where everyone, who plays according the rules, and try hard, will be better off than the cheaters and slackers.


How to achieve it?

I had the first pillar.  Open source way of writing a reform where everyone can see how it is being written and who writes it and people can write comments.  Then I needed to find experts in those fields.

I made a video asking people to help me with the educational reform.  20 high school and university professors contacted me and we are working on it.


Second Pillar - implementation 

I know that if we write the best reform, no political party will implement it.  So I had to figure out a way to convince the parties to implement the reform.  The way to do it is to publicly evaluate how the current parties are implementing our reform.  Based on that we are able to recommend to the people, who to vote for.

Now this is again done in total transparency.  You can click on the %, you can see how it was calculated, you can see the public debate around the %, EVERYTHING is transparent.

Because I know that once the people know that we do everything transparently then they will vote based on our recommendation.  And likewise, if based on applying our reforms the parties can gain few %, then they will implement it.


Third Pillar - the people

The third pillar is the main one.  The reason life is the way it is in the Czech Republic and in Europe is not due to the politicians, it’s due to the way common people approach their country.

In the Czech Republic, people do not take care of their country.  They have a nice apartment or house, but what happens on the street in front of their house they don’t care about.  And since they do not care, the politicians can do whatever they want to do.

We need to start educating people on how the parties work.  Who is financing the parties?  Who is financing the wars?   All of this.

For that, I’m doing public seminars where I discuss these things with people.


What I need from you

In the Czech Republic we have Plan for the Czech Republic.

I just started a FB page, Plan for your country.

Please, contact me and we will start together, Plan for Poland, Plan for Austria, Plan for Germany, Plan for EU. 

Let’s get in touch and lets change things!


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